At Cotswold Screen Printers we print a wide range of plastic based substrates including polycarbonates, acrylics, polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS plastics, as well as glass, including glass bottles, and glass type products such as high-quality optical screens (ADC) such as that used in the lenses of spectacles.

Most plastic/glass products are supplied free issued by our customers for printing, but for certain flat sheet parts, and optical screens we can supply the raw materials, carry out machining of apertures and cut outs and supply the printing, thus reducing carriage costa and lead times where required.

Sheet Polycarbonates, acrylics and optical screens can be over or under surface printed, and are available in a variety of thicknesses. For certain materials there is the option to have them hard coated to minimise scratching during use of the end product, and for an antiglare coating to be applied to the top surface in order to reduce light glare/ reflection. Antiglare coatings are also available at different intensities depending on the transparency you require.

Products and Machining

In addition to printing onto flat surfaces via traditional screen printing, we also specialise in printing onto irregularly shaped and cylindrical items, and our factory is equipped to cater for a wide range of different sized products from small switches and buttons, plastic mouldings, screens and box’s, right through to large plastic industrial cones and bins. In some instances, specialist jigging may be required in order to print a particular product, and where required we have facilities to design and organise this on site.

In addition, if your product needs apertures or cut outs inserting prior to printing we can also offer our machining service, so your product can be machined and printed on site, thus removing additional labour costs and down time for you dealing with machinists prior to printing, thus reducing shipping costs and lead times for you in the completion of your product.


With over 30 years of experience in printing for industry we are well aware of the importance of using the correct inks and print processes to ensure that your end product has both a high quality and detailed finish, whilst also being durable and long lasting. In doing so all our inks have been rigorously tested to ensure they are suitable for their end purpose, and we stock specialist inks for the different substrates on which we are printing. We and we carry out ink adhesion testing on all new products prior to printing as part of the service we provide, and will agree % of batch testing with you depending on your requirement.


At CSP we have four specialist print departments allowing us to successfully print onto a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Below are some of the types of metal work we print on a daily basis, and the department in which they would be typically printed. For some jobs a combination of print methods may be required.

  • Flat sheet/ machined polycarbonates, acrylic, and optical screens (ADC) – Screen printed
  • Curved plastic parts – Screen or Pad printed
  • Plastic boxes - Screen printed
  • Unevenly shaped plastic mouldings – Pad printed
  • Recessed and raised edged components - Pad printed
  • Cylindrical glass and plastic bottles - Rotary printed

Industry Sectors

At Cotswold Screen Printers we have a diverse customer base, including the medical, engineering, scientific and the music industry, and cater for a range of customers from well-established manufacturing organisations through to smaller independently owned companies and sole traders. We also specialise in supporting new companies just starting out, and can give advice on the best methods of printing and inks for your needs, as well as ways of keeping start up costs to a minimum when launching new products, such as looking at printing methods and batch sizes.

Your Requirements

A large percentage of our work is carried out directly for our end customer, where we can discuss the best method for printing to achieve the results required, and assist with artwork if required. We also have contacts with injection moulders, plastics casting and machining companies should you need them.

Whatever your requirement, whether a one off prototype or a repeat production order we will be happy to help you find the best and most cost effective option for your printing needs.

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Over 30 years printing experience

Cotswold Screen Printers Ltd was established in the early 1980s in Minster Lovell, near Witney, in Oxfordshire, and specialises in the printing of facia graphics onto plastic and metal components for industry.

Our wealth of experience in this field enables us to assist customers with more complex printing tasks, for example where specialist jigging may be required, and thus we can offer our customers a “Complete Design-to-Product Package” where required.

This includes a complete artwork design, prototype, and production service, including procurement and finishing of metalwork. In addition we have established and trusted links with injection moulding and switch cap and lens suppliers so can assist you with sourcing of your materials as well as your printing, should you require it.

Medical industry equipment printing example

High quality printing for industry

CSP have a proven track record for producing high quality printing for customers throughout various sectors of industry, including Engineering, Music, Medical, Manufacturing and Scientific, both locally and nationally. Our experience and expertise in Digital, Pad, Rotary and Screen Printing enables us to deliver a quality service, at competitive rates within the UK.