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Screen printed or digitally printed polycarbonate and polyester graphic overlays are usually printed with the image on the under-surface; termed "under-surface printing" or "reverse printing". This not only protects the printed image from wear, but also enables a textured surface to be presented uppermost, which can enhance the appearance of a control panel or product.

Other advantages include the ability to create more complex, multicolour designs; the incorporation of clear or tinted windows allowing displays or lit LEDs to show; and the ease with which complex shapes or apertures can be cut into the panel. Anti-glare coatings can easily be applied to windows where necessary.

Once the design is printed, a high-performance adhesive layer can be applied to the rear surface and any apertures or complex shapes cut using our digital flat-bed cutter.

We can then apply the polycarbonate or polyester graphic overlay to the supporting panel (using jigs where necessary to ensure correct alignment) or final cut overlays can be supplied for customers' own application.

Polycarbonate control fascias, overlays and insert graphics
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