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Pad printing (also known as Cliche or Tampo printing) enables printing to be achieved on awkwardly shaped and very small three-dimensional components which can otherwise be difficult to print. This produces excellent results on a wide range of substrates.

Cotswold Screen Printers have a dedicated pad printing department specialising in printing on three dimensional objects for many industry sectors including automotive, medical, manufacturing and engineering.

The pad printing process allows us to print on a wide variety of three-dimensional surface shapes such as cylinders; concave, convex and multi-faceted components with compound angles; and on smooth and textured surfaces.

Pad printing is ideally suited to printing on small caps, switches and lenses, medical devices, industrial components, and many other curved or shaped products.

At Cotswold Screen Printers we also specialise in assisting our customers in printing and developing of Prototypes, and each print job is customised to meet your requirements. Print jobs of varying batch sizes can easily be accommodated.

For further advice on how we may be able to help you with your printing needs, please call one of our team members who can advise on the most cost effective, and most efficient method of printing for you.

Pad printed speedometer dial.
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